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About Us

People remain the biggest asset of any organisation. Human resource management is a key skill in obtaining a high-level of output from a motivated team that is committed to customer excellence.

As part of an organisation it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees. Inexperienced managers often do not have the skills to handle exceptional circumstances, e.g. when a company needs to down size. In addition, initiatives taken by other companies can be lost by internal perspectives.

Lion Consulting members have a wealth of experience in human resource management. Having worked with a multitude of clients, they can take an independent view of the company culture. They can also see the underlying performance and status of the culture, being unencumbered by local conditions

Lion Consulting members can advise on a wide range of human resource issues, including:

  • Local Culture
  • Performance and Measurement
  • Motivation and Reward
  • Roles and Responsibilities

We also provide interim managers to overcome temporary shortfalls due to sickness, recruitment delays, etc.